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Kyle SorknessI, Kyle Sorkness, am a student and am currently taking a gap year before continuing studies in theology and philosophy.

This is my personal website. It is awaiting major revisions. Currently, it consists of this Home page, a blog of my writings and other media on a range of topics and life experiences, the Downloads page, which links to only a few miscellaneous documents I have created, the Photos page and the Videos page, which link to the photographs and videos I have published on the Web, the Calendar page, which allows others to see when I have scheduled commitments and when I might be available, the Free Software page, which lists some of the free-of-cost software I was using as of 2010, and the Sitemap page, which lists this website’s pages; blog posts by title, month, and category; and Web feeds. I hope to complete major revisions to this website by the fall of 2014.